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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Becomes You!

Spring is in the air.  Change is all around.  Out with the old, in with the new - as they say.  Grab a box or two and haul away the cobwebs and clutter from the backs of your closets and at the bottoms of your drawers.  Take those outdated goods down to the local, charity drop off, and as a reward for clearing out space, prepare to shop for something in-style, hip, and new!

Look at those shoes.  Trudged a so many miles a cobbler won't repair them, again.  Do not even call that a shirt.  It's so faded, frayed and worn thin, you may as well clean a few windows while you're at it - with its rag-like remains.  What is up with that fleece? It's piled to the extent that it needs its own brush.  Get rid of it!  Get rid of it all!  In their place, pick your personality and find something new to wear.

Sass it up with cold shoulder shirts.  No need to give the cold shoulder, rather flaunt the shoulder.  "Sexy Sadie, how did you know the world was waiting just for you."

Buck riding Bronco's or wannabe cowboys (or gals), saddle up with a pair of distressed cowboy boots. Be your very own Daisy Mae Duke, Nancy Sinatra, or Jessica Simpson because, "These boots are meant for walking and they'll walk all over you."

Not the path you had in mind?  For those who "walk in quiet solitude, the forest and the streams,"check out the latest guide series clothing.  You're bound to find something to fit inside your pack.

If you dare wear the three together, may someone do you a favor by calling the fashion police. However, separate them, match them with a few remaining options from your wardrobe, and prepare to make a statement from sassy and playful, to spirited and unbridled, to the adventurist and the call of the wild.  Faint of heart need not apply.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

One Love For A Peaceful Existence

Photo by Sunshine
I have friends and family members who have come out over the years and I love each and every single one of them no differently than I love someone who is straight.  Sexual orientation and preference, matters not to me.  What does matter is that people, regardless of being gay, lesbian, transgender, or whatever other preference they choose or don't choose (so long as it is mutually consensual), are respected, admired and treated with fairness and equality.  We all have the same basic human needs in life - love, affection, friends, family, food, water, clothes, a roof over our heads, etc. that make us whole and complete.  We share those common denominators.  It doesn't bode well for a peaceful existence if people are compelled to point fingers, call someone names, be a bully, and deny human rights.  Life is tough enough.  There's enough turmoil in this world without imposing individual differences upon others.  I support you - all of you - whoever you are!

Please show your support by visiting and commenting on Director, Rob Schmidt and Slippery Rock Pictures   latest project, Worst Thing About Coming Out.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Time Traveller

Lately, time has been well spent writing a couple of screenplays and  a children's book, all while on a tireless quest to find a wonderful new home for Jasmine (see post below). Last winter’s settlement was established in Idaho with no access to Internet except during the occasional jaunts to a library or a cafĂ©.  This translates into an opportunistic time to write a ton, but no time to update blogs!  With that said, several months may have passed by, but none have been passed over.  Days and months have been packed-full, overflowing with ideas as well as an onslaught of chores, goals, and a multitude of agendas; the ever-growing and shrinking list everyone endures with no end in sight until one’s time on earth has been concluded.  Once life on the moon or a new planet is established however, all deals are off and the sentiment should be replaced with 'death as we now know it.' The constant gripe by most is, there are not enough hours in a day to accomplish all that one sets out to achieve, and as one gets older, a day quickly gains momentum and soon, another year has flown by.  Alas, without extending an excuse for inactivity in cyberspace, please accept the sincerest apologies for disappearing for far too long and in the ‘blink of an eye.’  Residency has since been reestablished on the east coast with full access to the Internet and services.

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