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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Parco San Marco - Star Studded Resort

With the entire buzz surrounding the Golden Globes and contenders like George Clooney aiding Haiti in relief efforts, it may be difficult to imagine taking a vacation right now.  However, if you are considering taking one, a Lake Lugano Vacation is worth contemplating.  And, who knows, you may very well run into one A.K.A. George Clooney, since he has a second home in the surrounding area.

This Spa Hotel in Italy rates as one of the top 10 beach resorts in Switzerland and one of the top 50 SPA resorts in Europe.  Beaches, pools, wellness spas, playgrounds, incredible vistas, and Lake Como Golf course located within 10 miles of the hotel translates into - pack your bags.  It's time to fly "Up In the Air" and treat yourself and your family to a fun-filled adventure or a peaceful break from work, news, celebrity gossip, and all things understood to be, "the norm."

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