Thanks Jim & Jamie Dutcher for permission to use photo of Lakota.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Non-stop play - everyday!

Otis and Jasmine have officially been introduced.  It happened accidentally but worked out well - as I thought it would.  There was an early morning knock at the door.  I got up to answer.  Jasmine had spent the night in the bedroom with me.  Otis spent the night on the couch (not because he was bad).  Anyway, in my sleepy haze I answered the door and there next to me were both dogs side-by-side, heads poking out of the screen, tails wagging.  I reacted quickly.  Slipped.  Fell.  They both stood over me and when I finally managed to recover they looked at one another as if to say, "Oh.  Hi.  I didn't notice you standing there.  Do you think she's all right.  Should we call for help."  Then, they played.  They have been playing non-stop since about a week or so ago.  They LOVE one another.  Otis even shares his toys with Jasmine.  

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Louis - Bear Spray in his mouth!

UPDATE: Louis is still at Dog Logic.  He is playing with other dogs and having fun!  He is a very handsome boy and would love to find a good home.  
Louis is an amazing Yellow Lab who is the poster child of abuse.  While at the shelter in Driggs, ID he was sprayed directly in his mouth with BEAR SPRAY to break up a dog fight.  The shelter was forced to close due to financial strain but the poor judgement made by the Operations Manager endangered this dog as well as other animals.  Louis NEEDS a home sooner than later!  He was moved to Bitter Root in MT - BUT they transferred him to DOG LOGIC in Missoula, MT.  Please arrange to meet him.  He is a good boy!  He can jump over tall fences - so it is best not to leave him unattended or he will jump over and wander off.  He is very social!

Redford NEEDS a home!


Redford - a handsome Pyrenees /Labrador Mix was one of 6 dogs moved to Hamilton, MT when the shelter in Driggs, ID was forced to close due to financial strain and mismanagement.

Redford desperately needs a home!  
He does not like other dogs BUT is SUPER affectionate with people and he's good with cats and kids.  

If you would like to learn more about Redford, visit Bitterroot and make arrangements to visit with him.  
You will be happy you did and he will appreciate you more than ever.

Tiger Needs Some Training

Tiger is a very handsome Catahoula Leopard Mix - another dog moved to Hamilton, MT.  He is about 10 months old - still a puppy and needs some training to be the best he can be.  He is GREAT!  Very playful.  Lots of energy!  He would do best in a home without children - a little too much energy perhaps.  He will entertain you to no end.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Jasmine DRINKS the lake!

Jasmine LOVES to play in the water!  She enjoys drinking the lake as well as swimming in it although you MIGHT need to go into the water too - to coax her.  She simply wants to stay near her human.