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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hailing A Cab In NYC With Amos Tamam

If you’ve ever been to NYC you might think for a moment that the taxicab is the state bird, like the Subaru is to the state of Vermont.  Amos Tamam is giving this bird new 'wings’!

Amos Tamam is responsible for your now having the option of paying for your cab fare with a credit card.  No more digging deep in your pockets or wallet for dollar bills and quarters while trying to exit the vehicle quickly.  This is a two-fold success for both you and the cab driver.  The driver has less money on him or her, thereby reducing the risk of robbery, and you don’t have the contents of your wallet spilling out all over the backseat while rushing to get wherever it is you’re going – the theatre, a restaurant, endless possibilities in NYC.

Amos Tamam trained as an electrical engineer at Tel Aviv University.  Upon arriving in NYC back in the 1980’s, he began servicing taxicabs in a fleet garage.  Today, he is the CEO of Verifone Transportation Systems, Inc. responsible for making your taxicab journey more of a sightseeing opportunity and less of a chaotic exchange of monies.  

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Did you hear the one about Andrew Wilshire?

There is something to be said for a man who puts his money where his mouth is.  Andrew Wilshire is one such man.  As an entrepreneur he continuously looks for ways to expand business.  However, there is more to Andrew Wilshire than meets the eye.  He is also a man who seeks ways in which to give back to society, to give to charities, to connect other like-minded business people in doing the same, in an effort to build a brighter, more sustainable future.  Blue Goose News is the latest business venture developed by Andrew Wilshire. It is “a combination social network and comprehensive news and interaction tool.”  Subscribers have the ability to interconnect and align themselves with one another, customize their news and social network, and donate funds to specific causes while supporting loggers of their choice.  Andrew Wilshire epitomizes pro-active development “one community at a time.”

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Rockin' Eyeglasses

Have you ever noticed how cool and hip celebrities look in their sunglasses?  Take a look at Jack Nicholson, perhaps the largest icon for shade representation.  Images of Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Beckham (don’t even get me started on his tattoos), Johnny Depp, and the list of stars trying to hide behind their shades goes on-and-on.  Do they realize their sunglasses make them stand out even more? 

You don’t have to be a star to have star power.  You can express the same mystique and coolness while protecting your eyes from the suns damaging rays. has the latest designs in eyeglasses and sunglasses.  Prescription lenses, polarized lenses, titanium, flexible, plastic, big, small, square, round – take your pick.  They even have a category (you guessed it), Celebrity Glasses.  How cool is that?  How cool will you be?  

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K-Designers is Serious Business

Does your house need improvements?  K-Designers makes your choice to remodel your home an easy solution. Licensed and bonded, you pay nothing until you are 100% satisfied with the work they provide.  This is one of many reasons why K-Designers is ahead of the pack by industry standards making them an award winning Home Remodeling Company.  They have placed in the Top 5 companies in their industry for over ten consecutive years. 

Larry and Lee Judson opened the doors of K-Designers in Casper, Wyoming back in 1978.  Today they have 11 branches with over 900 staff members.  Larry and Lee Judson take their business very seriously.  They depend upon people like you.  They depend upon their employees.  They depend upon the word-of-mouth generated by the two, the result of customer and employee satisfaction. Your happiness is the key to their success.  With over thirty years experience, why go anyplace else?

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Obsession – With Sak Narwal

Many folks tease me about my fear and semi-obsessive behavior about sharks.  I keep mentioning the Bull Shark because of its adaptability to fresh and salt waters, which essentially screams in my mind, "I'm here!  I could be anywhere - lurking."  Anywhere includes Montauk, Long Island.  Okay, maybe not the Bull Shark per se but, sharks - period!  Sak Narwal is a man with a similar obsession to mine, albeit toward fishing.  He is a man who must know all there is about fishing and he travels the globe to learn all he can.  Part of Sak Narwal’s need to know includes fishing not so far from home in Montauk, NY.  What is he fishing?  Sharks! Montauk is the eastern most part of Long Island where several bodies of water merge together – the Atlantic Ocean, the Long Island Sound, currents from the Gulf Stream, rivers from Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts.  They all butt together inviting populations of shark – Blue, Thresher, and Hammerheads making these exciting waters for a fisherman like Sak Narwal.   

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