Thanks Jim & Jamie Dutcher for permission to use photo of Lakota.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

kalai - crows feet

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Last night I stumbled upon KALAI on myspace and I was enthralled! I could not stop listening and I found myself racing to Virgin Records to pick up a copy of his latest release, Crows Feet. I am listening to it right this moment and I can honestly say, it was a FINE purchase!

I ride along on this journey sensing some worldly vibe in touch with the nomad in me... a familiar story... a surprise ending... a swell... a lull... tugging my strings until I am in tune... or out of tune... strolling along a well-worn path... or veering off course treading lightly on new ground... without fear... and a smile clinging to my face because it simply feels good. This is how his music makes me feel. I can breathe again! What a pure feeling of divine intervention.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Nebulous fortune
small, seedlings desire
Wings to span
across, mountainous ranges
Far as eyes carry
dreams, tiny tales
Spinning tangled webs
glory, coveted bundle
Nurturing thirsty mouths
feeding, dying for love
Vying for affections tongue

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Man on the Moon

Monday, August 07, 2006 3:29am

The man on the moon was smiling down upon me last night. I looked into his eyes and the miles separating us were nearly nil. I could have touched his cheek. I slowed my pace allowing the breezes to dance between us... breathed it in and exhaled as we said 'goodnight'.

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Alaskan Pipeline Down

Tuesday, August 08, 2006 7:03am

BP figured they didn't need to bother using a "pig" (a device to clean oil lines) for the last 14 years thinking it was unnecessary. That sounds a little like not brushing your teeth if you ask me. You're only asking for trouble... cavities... and, in this case, corrosion so bad it'll take a few months for them to repair a 16-mile section. That spells D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R! How long will it take them to spill another few thousand gallons of oil into the Arctic waters of Prudhoe Bay? Never mind driving the costs of gas and oil up, that pales in comparison to the potential spillage, pollution and havoc it could unleash upon the wildlife and environment.

Here's my prediction: They (the oil companies) will JACK their prices claiming it is out of their control and necessary until they complete the task (which they estimate will take 2 -3 months) THEN, I think they'll BOTCH the job and spill oil, DRIVE the prices up even higher because the reserves will have dried up (or this will be their claim)... THEN, they (the Bush Administration) will attempt to open the Arctic to drilling once again because they are hell bent on making this happen regardless of how many times the NRDC and other organizations have clearly demonstrated there are other means available BUT those won't line their pockets! The majority of this country is opposed to drilling in the Arctic (for the time being) but when all is said and done, our government and oil companies will continue to work together until they get what they want regardless of how much it costs us...and, I'm not talking money! Im not saying they shouldnt fix the pipeline, Im just saying it spells trouble!

I hope Im wrong in my prediction but I wouldnt doubt for a second that this would be the attempt and ploy of the oil companies and the Administration. It is up to us to stop them! I dont trust em. Never have; never will! Remember to pick up the phone and call your Senators when the time comes to oppose drilling yet again. It can make a difference! If we dont speak up, our Senators are liable to fold under pressure and be swayed to turn a blind eye with the others who already have.

I think this is a conspiracy theory in the works.

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Legs, Skinny As My Wrist

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 9:35 PM

She had the face of a 19 year old; body of a 90 year old, and she was as skinny as a 7 year old... perhaps skinnier. Her face was gorgeous; her body grotesque. I imagined her swollen organs inside giving her the only shape she had... a puffed out belly similar to starving children in third world countries. She sat and worked on a crossword puzzle as eyes gazed upon her with a yearning to feed her. She looked at no one. She only looked up once... to exit the train at her stop.

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