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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Writing History On Mother's Day

The Honeymooners, the birth control pill, and Mother’s Day – sounds like the opening line to a bad joke but all three have at least one definitive thing in common - May 9th.  

On May 9th 1971 The Honeymmooners aired its final episode – a rebroadcast episode by Jackie Gleason.  Who can forget The Honeymooners with characters, Ralph and Alice Kramden and Ed and Trixie Norton, establishing some of the finer comedic moments in U.S. Television history with fabulous dialogue such as “One of these days – POW!  Right in the kisser! and... One of these days Alice, straight to the Moon!"

Also on this day - May 9th 1960 - the FDA approved the sale of the ever-controversial birth control pill.  To this day the battle wages between the sexes, the churches, and the government.

Mothers Day stands apart from these other two historical aspects as the date fluctuates yearly.  Celebrated the second Sunday in May, this year – in 2010 – the second Sunday happens to fall on May 9th.  While your own mother may not make history in the grandeur sense – she is one of the founding partners of your existence and perhaps as a result you’ll remember her with flowers, brunch, The Honeymooners box set, or some other gift of appreciation.  What memory will you create for your mother this Mother's Day, May 9th 2010?  

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