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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Free to Good Home

(based upon the film but, not a film review)

The headline in the paper or online reads, FREE TO GOOD HOME, referring to a dog, cat or other pet desperately in need of a new home.  There are millions of reasons the present owner must find a new home for Spot or Fluffy… “We’re moving into a new apartment that doesn’t allow pets,” “I travel all the time for work and it’s not fair to my pet,” “My child is allergic,” “I’m allergic,” and the reasons pile up.  In the end, it is what’s best for Spot that matters most but, that’s not the reason behind this article.  This article is about the dangers of posting a “FREE” pet ad. 

An ad, placed with the best of intentions reading, FREE TO GOOD HOME, poses many dangers and threats to your pet’s well being.  Best-case scenario, Spot ends up in a safe, loving environment, living out a long, insanely happy life.  Worst-case scenario, Spot dies at the hands of someone ruthless and malicious.  Extreme?  Perhaps.  Unheard of?  Not at all!  There are people who seek “free” animals with the intent to do harm, make money, or both.  They are called Bunchers, a French term for Butcher.  Bunchers have their stories.  They know what to say and how to manipulate an owner into feeling as if Spot will be going to the next best home… second to their own.  It’s a tale they tell over-and-over to unsuspecting pet owners.  Next thing you know Spot is sold to a laboratory to perform who knows what kind of experiments (you’ve seen those horrible photos with prongs sticking out of animals skulls with wires tapping them).  Or, Spot is being used as bait to train other, stronger, larger dogs to fight.  Spot is beaten to death or tortured by the new owner, tied to a bumper and made to run alongside it until he collapses and is dragged to his death. And if the atrocities mentioned here aren’t disturbing enough, there are hundreds more to be told but I think the point is clear. 

Obviously, not all people responding to a free pet ad are dangerous or criminal.  But let’s say they get home with Spot and weeks or months later they decide they no longer want Spot… Spot’s not as cute anymore, Spot’s too much work, Spot keeps throwing up on the rug, Spot needs to go to the vet so, Spot end’s up at the pound.

A FREE pet is a disposable pet.  Charging as little as $25 can safeguard your pet deterring Buncher’s or other’s not serious about your pet's life.  More often than not, if someone is willing to pay something to take Spot home, it’s because they really care about Spot's well-being and they’ll probably take Spot to the vet when sick… instead of the pound.  Do NOT GIVE Spot away.  For more information contact a local no kill shelter or visit,,

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

God's Guarantee

"Forgiving others heals the heart, but forgiving the self heals the soul.” 

A cat bell and a set of dog tags worn around Cara’s neck become daily reminders and punishment for something she did years ago until one day, while bartending on the lower east side of Manhattan, she meets Peter, a bike messenger with a gift for music and poetry.  As their unexpected relationship evolves, Cara rediscovers her own artistic talents as a painter, gradually exposing her past onto the canvas, testing fate and faith in self and each other.

A feature-length film project to be shot on super-16mm color stock that aspires to be a timely, passionate story. The screenplay has done well in competition placing in the top 10 at Filmmakers and Empire Screenwriting Contest. It has been enthusiastically received at several staged reading events including AngelCiti Film Festival.  God’s Guarantee promises to be beautiful and visually stimulating on screen while retaining a raw, heart-felt aesthetic. 

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