Thanks Jim & Jamie Dutcher for permission to use photo of Lakota.

Friday, December 15, 2000

Shedding (lyrics only)

Shed light
Shed skin
Shed clothes
For my delight
For survival
For to see
Blind alley
Blind man
Blind spot
In my mirror
In the road
In the night
Washed away
Washed out
Washed clean
From Tide
From time
From the shore
To the sea
To be or not to be
To stand and deliver
Letters from a loved one
Letters from Shakespeare
Letters in a bottle
Cracked open
Cracked sidewalk
Cracked egg
On your face
On which to walk
On the side
Way to go
Way out there
Way out west
You’re dreams come true
You’re so cool
You’re number one
How can you lose
How so
How now brown cow
You’re so much fun

Copyright © 2009 Alyssa Polacsek, Lakota Films, LLC