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Friday, November 28, 2003

White Out on Mt. Baldy

Hey All!

I backpacked Mt. Baldy this weekend in rain, sleet, snow and near whiteout conditions at times, but I am back safe and sound and I had a blast! It was a true challenge. Some of you are familiar with Baldy...I went straight up the bowl (which, apparently not many folks do...there is no trail)...came up onto the Devils Backbone and followed the ridge to the summit. We came back down on the trail because the weather was getting pretty harsh. You can't even tell that I am at the summit in the pics...but, the ones with the dog, those are the shots on the summit. Fortunately (if you are my parents) and unfortunately (if you are me) there are no pictures in the most difficult of places in the bowl...too dangerous to pull out the camera. I lost my footing a couple of times but caught myself. It scared me, but I got an adrenaline rush that got me out of there. I used the ice ax once and in the future I will be sure to have one on me at all times in these types of conditions. Anyway, enjoy the photos. Mom, Dad, Jack & can breathe now. Click on the link to see the pics. Oh! We got very lucky because the Sierra Club Ski Hut was, we stayed there. It was warm & dry...although, I did smack my face pretty hard on a wooden beam above my head when I sat up at night. Ouch! It's fine! I feel good!!!

Love ya!

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