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Friday, July 3, 2009

Deconstructing Mother Nature

There has been so much destruction in the past century as a result of greed, naiveté, and the sense “someone else will take care of it” that it is high-time and past-time we clean up our mishaps because no one else is going to take care of it. Mankind over-produces, misuses and mismanages in a multitude of facets (increased population, manufacturing, waste buildup, green house emissions, roadway construction, housing developments, business assembly, and much more). We interrupt the cycle of nature but fail to contemplate the potential for disaster 100 - 200 years down the line let alone 10 – 20 years. We have exhausted both natural resources and ourselves as a result of manufacturing that which improves quality of life without replenishing what we have destroyed in the process. This is not fair to our children. It is not fair to us. It is certainly not fair to Mother Nature and the other inhabitants with whom we share this planet!

The media has a responsibility to use its influential power to propagate the changes we need to make in order to survive. Though it is difficult to imagine our own extinction, recent trends in global warming, the extinction of other species, disease, and ignorance, are all cause for alarm. Through art, television, film, theatre, and music we have the ability to teach the necessary skills to amend these damages or at the very least, slow the process down.

Having worked in the entertainment industry I am familiar with the all too consuming belief “Nobody watches that stuff but we have to air it, so put it on at 3am.”  This exemplifies the cyclical path we have been on for years and this path clearly does not work.  There are very successful production companies out there.  They know how to appeal to their demographics.  They are creative.  Do the math!  Put the pieces of the puzzle together and feed the demographics’ with the idea of “how cool” it can be to clean up the mess rather than leave it for someone else; because a day might come sooner than expected when that "someone else" no longer exists.  

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