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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Paws to Consider - Animal Awareness Minute EP #1

Bear Rehabilitator, Ben Kilhum, is set to release 29 orphaned bear cubs over the next month in Vermont and New Hampshire – once vegetation is green enough and the cubs fat enough to survive.  Last year their mothers were shot and killed for entering chicken coops and bee hives.  Ben suggests a proactive approach – a baited electric fence – using peanut butter, bacon grease, anything enticing.  A bear uses their tongue when investigating a new smell.  They will get zapped, but won’t die – encouraging cubs to stay with their mom’s and deterring the bears from returning.  If you experience bear damage in Vermont, contact Wildlife Services for Technical Assistance. In New Hampshire, you may be able to secure a short term loan of a fence, if available, through Wildlife Services.   

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